Friday, January 15, 2010

Millwrights What do they do

Whether in a nuclear power plant or an automotive factory, construction millwrights install, troubleshoot, and repair industrial machinery and related equipment. This is work meant for someone with an exacting eye, as much of the equipment is for precision work, such as machine drilling or machine tooling (metal lathes), where the final products are measured in millimetres. Imagine a part being out by that much in the reactor core of a nuclear power station. Construction Millwrights are responsible for almost all aspects of the setup for machining tools. This could include unpacking, assembling, hoisting, and mounting the piece into place. As well, they run piping for needed oils and lubricants, check and install bearings, pumps, valves, and fans and blower motors. Once everything is in place and connected, construction millwrights run, check, and maintain the equipment. They will keep operation logs of each piece of equipment and do preventative maintenance.
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