Monday, April 26, 2010

What Is A Union Millwright:

What Is A Union Millwright:
The person who works with his hands is a laborer; the person that works with his hands and his head is an artisan; the person who works with his hands, his head and his heart is a Union Millwright
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Who are the Millwrights and What do they Do ?

Who are the Millwrights and What do they Do ?

Who are the Millwrights and what do they do?
Installs machinery and equipment according to

layout plans, blueprints, and other drawings in industrial establishment, using hoists, lift trucks, handtools, and power tools:

Reads blueprints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures.

Dismantles machines, using hammers, wrenches, crowbars, and other handtools.

Moves machinery and equipment, using hoists, dollies, rollers, and trucks.

Assembles and installs equipment, such as shafting, conveyors, and tram rails, using handtools and power tools.

Constructs foundation for machines, using handtools and building materials, such as wood, cement, and steel.

Aligns machines and equipment, using hoists, jacks, handtools, squares, rules, micrometers, and plumb bobs.

Assembles machines, and bolts, welds, rivets, or otherwise fastens them to foundation or other structures, using handtools and power tools.

May operate engine lathe to grind, file, and turn machine parts to dimensional specifications.

May repair and lubricate machines and equipment.

May install robot and modify its program, using teach pendant.

May perform installation and maintenance work as part of team of skilled trades workers.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Union Millwrights:

Union Millwrights:
Someone ask me about large decals. The one shown belowe is 12 inches in diamter. They look great on the driver side rear window on your truck. Also on the glass front door of your Union Hall.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Union Millwrights

Union People
The working union people of this country are an amazing lot. Against all odds, they will walk off their jobs and strike, enduring significant hardships sometimes for months or even years – and why? To protect future generations of workers - and to preserve elusive concepts like “dignity” and “respect.” The generosity of the American working class and their willingness to help others is downright awe-inspiring. We just keep on trying.
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