Sunday, February 12, 2012

victories won by unions

The following are some of the The end of Child Labor The 8-hour day 40-hour work weeks Health Insurance Pensions Vacation and Holiday pay OSHA Social Security. Millwright Ron


It’s an oddity how the Republican Party can still stay afloat from the votes of working-class conservatives.The entire Republican platform tells workers they better shut up and accept what the wealthy, I mean “job creators,” give them. Anything other than gruel should be considered a bonus. Millwright Ron


Newt: Why stop at janitors? What about those mine shafts that are too small for adults? it's ok for newt to make millions selling his little fake awards and lobbying, but please stop janitors' gravy train I think we should also fire ATM machines and airport Kiosks in order to hire tellers and airplane ticketers....Remember when stupid Newt Gingrich said that too? GOP Game Show: Pick Newt! The "work at school" is just the Trojan Horse that opens the flood gates. Child labor is common in other countries. When conservatives talk about breaking up unions and deregulating industries, that's the end result. only in the mind of Newt Gingrich is a janitor considered to be holding a cushy, pampered position. Republicans are now on record for wanting to bring back child labor (Newt) and eliminate the minimum wage (Cain, Bachmann, Raese, others), put the children of unwed teens in orphanges (Newt) and bring back debtor's prisons (Newt. Millwright Ron

What have the Republicans done for America lately? Or in the past couple decades?

What have the Republicans done for America lately? Or in the past couple decades? That's what Chris Matthews pressed Republican strategist Todd Harris about during Hardball on Wednesday. "YouTube is watching," he told Harris. "You're the Republican consultant. One of the best in the country. Tell me what the Republican party has done for this country in the last ten to 20 years." Harris stayed silent. "Thank you," Matthews said to his recurring GOP guest as he closed the segment. "We'll have you back with the answer."


BENEFITS OF GOOD MACHINERY ALIGNMENT Industry worldwide is losing billions of dollars a year due to misalignment of machinery. The heart and soul of virtually every industrial operation pivots on keeping rotating machinery in good working order. Countless processes are dependent on the successful operation of rotating machines that produce electric power, fuels, paper, steel, glass, pharmaceuticals,the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the buildings we live and work in, and the vehicles that transport us across the surface of the Earth. Just about everything you see around has some how been influenced by rotating machinery of some kind.The primary objective of accurate alignment is to increase the operating life span of rotating machinery. To achieve this goal, machinery components that are most likely to fail must operate well within their design limits. As the parts that are most likely to fail are the bearings, seals, coupling, and shafts, the accurately aligned machinery will reduce excessive axial and radial forces on the bearings to insure longer bearing life and rotor stability under dynamic operating conditions. Union Millwrights with precise alignment training and correct procedures will reduce the possibility of shaft failure from cyclic fatigue; it will minimize the amount of wear in the coupling components, alleviate the amount of shaft bending from the point of power transmission in the coupling to the coupling end bearing, and it will maintain proper internal rotor clearances.In a nutshell, accurate alignment will do nothing, but the good things and the key part of making this happen centers on the Union Millwrights who are responsible for installing, troubleshooting,maintaining, and operating this machinery. Millwright Ron

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Right To Work For Less
Right to Work for Less should be the correct name.
To set the record (and the name) straight, right to work for less doesn’t guarantee any rights. In fact, by weakening unions and collective bargaining, it destroys the best job security protection that exists: the union contract. Meanwhile, it allows workers to pay nothing and get all the benefits of union membership. Right to work laws say unions must represent all eligible employees, whether they pay dues or not. This forces unions to use their time and members’ dues money to provide union benefits to free riders who are not willing to pay their fair share.
Right to work laws lower wages for everyone.
The average worker in a right to work state makes about $5,333 a year less than workers in other states ($35,500 compared with $30,167). Weekly wages are $72 greater in free-bargaining states than in right to work states ($621 versus $549).Working families in states without right to work laws have higher wages and benefit from healthier tax bases that improve their quality of life
More Workplace Deaths and Injuries
Right to work endangers safety and health standards that protect workers on the job by weakening unions that help to ensure worker safety by fighting for tougher safety rules. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of workplace deaths is 51 percent higher in states with right to work, where unions can’t speak up on behalf of workers
Fewer People with Health Care
21 percent more people lack health insurance in right to work states compared to
free-bargaining states.
Lower Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Workers Injured on the Job
Maximum weekly worker compensation benefits are $30 higher in free states
($609 versus $579 in right to work state
Right to Work and Women
Union women earn $149 more each week than nonunion women.
Right to Work Hurts People of Color Most
Latino union members earn 45 percent ($180) more each week than nonunion
African Americans earn 30 percent ($140) more each week if they are union
Right to work, plain and simple, means lower wages for all workers.
I hope that this helps you to understand about "right to work"
Be Safe
Millwright Ron