Monday, January 25, 2010

Millwright "IPT Rigging Book"


IPT'S Crane and Rigging HANDBOOK

The books auther is Ronald G. Garby

IPT's CRANE and RIGGING HANDBOOK is commonly referred to

as the "best" crane and rigging available in North America.

It is used for reference and training programs offered by technical colleges, companies, trade unions, and various government institutions and departments.

The book is updated with each reprint to keep current with the latest OSHA regulations.

Data includes: wire rope and inspection; rigging hardware; slings and safe working loads; chain data; mobile crane set-up, stability, tandem lift examples, operation tips;

EOT crane operation, safety, maintenance; tower crane set-up and safety; boom truck safety.

$19.99 at the Millwrights Store

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