Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unions Pay Better

Unions Pay Better

It always seems strange why anyone would chose to make less money,less benefits,less insurance,less retirement,less and less. Just how dumb does it take… Not to be able to realize the benefits of belong to a group that looks out for you and your family
Union definition:
"A combination so formed, especially an alliance or confederation of
people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit"
Every doctor,every lawyer,every teacher,every realtor,every police officer, every professional baseball payer,every professional football player,every professional basketball player,every professional umpire,every dentist belongs to a organization or association to that offers help and support to that individual or group. Our country is full of professional associations that take dues form their members.

But if a worker joins a group to help themselves.
That person becomes a low life dirty dog. This starts with industry and people who are ignorant of Unions and of the real work place.

Jobs are moved over seas to the cheapest labor cost and less government control….. Does that mean that we who work with our hands,our brains and our hearts have to make third world wages? Does this mean that we have to work in a unsafe environment? Do we have to sacrifice our health, our bodies and our loved ones?
There is always someone who will work cheaper, with less safety and less concern about our environment.
Just look at big business….. The owners of mines,factories and companies who are fined or arrested each year for pollution,safety violations,harassment,lying,endangering their employees.
The Ceo’s that steal hundreds of millions of dollars from their companies and stock holders. If you think Unions are corrupted? You hand better take a good look at big business. The IRS does?

Today we need organization of Labor more than ever.

Unions …. "The people who brought you the weekends"

Union Millwright and Damn Proud Of It
Millwright Ron

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