Thursday, September 13, 2012


I severed my country by giving them a blank check of myself. I severed my country with four years of military service and two tours of duty in Vietnam. I carry my scars and memories in my soul and in my heart. Know bank will place them in a...

Romney compares not “What you can do for your country” but but look how much I suffered to make money.
Proud to be a "Disabled Veteran and a Retired Union Millwright"
Millwright Ron

Rom-money says
One day after he was roundly criticized by both parties for his comments about Libya, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney attempted to burnish his foreign-policy credentials today, telling reporters that “no one has spent more time overseas than my money has.”

“My money has served in banks from Switzerland to Bermuda, and from Bermuda to the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Romney said. “I challenge my opponent’s money to equal that record of service.”
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