Sunday, October 24, 2010


If you only new how bad? Wait till you are the Super and you call out 100 millwrights out of a mixed hall. 90 percent will be nail benders. Ask where are your levels and they will show you a two foot level. I sent 85% back to the hall. The B.A. called me ever name but Millwright. I called the international and said the hall could not man the job. We had a international agreement. Then I called BOOMERS by name
Mixed halls are the worst. There should be no MIXED halls in the Millwrights.
That is why they went to the international Millwright card. This was supposed to help but the wood butchers got around that.
I do not care how good a carpenters is at his job but when I need a MILLWRIGHT. Send me a Millwright. If I need a carpenter? I will call for one. The only Steward I ever fired in 37 years was a carpwright. He was not Qualified to carry a Millwrights tools.
I also believe in the Millwright Apprenticeship not in selling books.
Millwright Ron

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