Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Millwright decals

Pissed Off ::
I really irks me for a Union Hall to copy one of my Millwright custom made and copyrighted decals.
And to add insult..... They are RAT made!!! Not Union made ... No Union bug .... Who knows were they are made?

Please check your items that you get from your hall to see if they are UNION MADE?
Any Union hall that buys NON - - UNION made decals, Rat made or made in some foreign country should have there Charter revoked.
I really don't mind a Union Brother or Sister copying one of my decals. Pride in being Union is what I stand for.
Not A Union Hall buying RAT Decals. Throw the RATS SUPPORTERS out of the hall !!!!
" Check The Label "
Pissed Off
Millwright Ron

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